janice lee profileHi, I’m Janice Lee, a dental hygienist who has been working for 4 years. Today, I work at Implantology and Healthy Smiles OC.

I believe in the power of knowledge and education so I decided to pursue a dual degree program at Teachers College, Columbia UniversityI believe that everyone can become better – not only just flossing but also anything in our lives – if we learn how and why we need to change. And I want to be there for you and give you my support and encouragement for you!

I love sewing, watching good movies, and reading mystery/thriller novels when I’m resting, sitting on my couch in the living room with a blanket and having the balcony door open slightly (so it’s slightly chilly but cool – just perfect weather). I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

It amazes me that people still have no knowledge about proper teeth maintenance – you’d be surprised how many adults still have cavities that are totally preventable (not all of them are!).

janice in white coat