What to Eat With Braces the First Week | Guide to Which Foods Won’t Cause Problems

Girl with braces eating with her friends

After discovering you had aesthetic needs to make your smile more beautiful by straightening some crooked teeth, your dentist will most likely recommend braces (see invisible braces). However, the struggle comes after you put on braces and you want to continue enjoying your typical delicacies.It’s pretty uncomfortable to adjust having these hooks, wires, and brackets, … Read more

How Long Does Invisalign Take? | Our Full Guide to the Time Frame For Straightening Your Teeth

A person with Invisalign

Those who wear Invisalign (or plan to wear Invisalign at some time in the future) will understandably have the same key question in mind:How long does Invisalign take to get the job done?  How long does it take to straighten teeth with Invisalign, and will you be looking at much less time than with traditional … Read more

Do Braces Hurt? | Our Tips to Relieve the Pain During the Teeth Bracing Treatment

do braces hurt?

If you are thinking about getting braces. Perhaps, you are wondering whether they will hurt or not. One of the questions that most patients ask before commencing treatment is, “Do braces hurt?” If you are curious about the issue, you are not alone. I also had the same fear, and it demotivated me from trying treatment … Read more

Why Are Braces So Expensive? | Detailed Breakdown of Costs With and Without Insurance

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So, you’re thinking about getting braces. You know you need them. In fact, you really want them. But the more research you do, the more you are left asking, “Why are braces so expensive?” You’re not alone. As necessary as braces are for many people, there’s no getting around the fact that they aren’t exactly … Read more