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If you wish to straighten your teeth for the best smile, you should consider getting Byte. According to Byte reviews, it performs well for convenience, affordability, appearance, effectiveness, and team support. 

Fixing misaligned teeth is time-consuming and expensive. Until recently, the only legitimate solutions were traditional braces, which are embarrassing to wear at any time. But today, you can use best invisible braces for home teeth alignment such as Byte. In case you were not aware, there are also perfect toothbrush for your braces.

But does Byte save you time and money? Do you require an orthodontist to set up and monitor them? After putting Byte to the test, here is a detailed Byte review. 

Byte Reviews: Effectiveness, Affordability, Convenience, and Appearance


Teeth straightening is time-consuming, and it will cost you money. Therefore, it would be best to get a clear picture of how effective the process will be. 

Highly ranked in our braces for adults reviews, is Byte teeth straightening at home effective?

First, it is essential to note that Byte’s home treatment is not meant to deal with severe conditions. It helps to rectify minor issues such as teeth crowding and spacing. 

Before you can start your treatment, Byte will send you an impression kit to help you take your impression. Then, you send the print to Byte's licensed orthodontists, who will create a 3D image of how your teeth will look after the treatment. 

If you are impressed with the results, Byte will send you the teeth straightening kit. If the results are not satisfactory, you are under no obligation to continue. 

Additionally, unlike other companies, Byte doesn’t concentrate on the mouth alone. It understands that your smile is a result of all your facial features working together. Thus, it uses a technology known as SmileScience, that analyzes your whole facial structure. This helps the company develop a treatment that will result in a smile appropriate for your face structure. 

For other invisible aligners companies like we mentioned in our Invisalign reviews, treatment takes about six months. On the other hand, Byte cuts the treatment period into half. This is by the use of their exclusive Hyperbyte technology. The technology employs gentle, high-frequency vibrations for five minutes daily. In addition, we also reviewed Smilelove invisible aligners and you can also read our top-notch Candid aligners reviews.

The vibrations ensure faster shifting of your teeth and better order. 

The company also uses licensed orthodontists to diagnose, treat, and monitor your situation. Unlike general dentists, orthodontists are specialized in dealing with teeth misalignments. 


One of the biggest challenges with traditional orthodontics is the time commitment. You have to create time from your busy schedule to visit the orthodontist. 

Apart from the visits to the orthodontist, traditional treatments are also slow. If you have an upcoming event like a wedding, anniversary, or graduation party, conventional treatment options will not be sufficient. 

Byte is more convenient than the traditional orthodontics and other invisible aligner companies. 

First, it gets rid of the trouble of physical visits to the orthodontists by using remote monitoring. The technology allows your orthodontist to evaluate your progress from anywhere at any time. 

If you are preparing for an upcoming event or want fast results, Byte is an excellent choice. It uses specialized technology that makes treatment possible in about three months. 

When it comes to sending you your trays, Byte includes two sets. As such, if you mess up with the first set, you don’t need to panic. The customer support is also ready to take care of any issue at any time. 


Traditional braces are embarrassing to wear for anyone at any age. People with conventional braces avoid social contacts such as dating and social events. 

For that reason, clear aligners are popular for being discreet. Although they are all transparent, clear aligners from different brands differ in terms of material used and the manufacturing process. 

For Byte aligners, their body construction has a smooth, shiny plastic. The plastic material is cut straight across the top. It is also BPA-free, which makes it safe to use. 

The shiny plastic is something you should put into consideration when deciding to use the aligners. For some, the polished surface may draw more attention as it doesn’t look natural. Natural teeth draw less attention as they appear matte, which is not shiny and smooth. 

If you don’t want to draw attention, you may have an issue with the shiny surface. Alternatively, other people feel the surface improves their smile. 

Additionally, the aligners are cut straight across the top. The design makes them less noticeable. However, since they cover the gum, other people may notice them, especially when you smile.

The straight-cut design also comes in handy in making the aligners have a firm grip. This is especially helpful as Byte’s invisible liners for teeth don’t require you to visit an orthodontist for monitoring. 


Teeth alignment is expensive. Most insurance companies don’t cover it since it is a cosmetic treatment, and if they do, they cover a portion of it. 

At-home orthodontist treatment is more affordable compared to traditional treatment. Invisible aligners cost between $1,500 to $2,000. On the other hand, traditional braces will cost you between $3,000 to $8,000. 

It will cost you $1,895 to purchase the aligners at once and $2,295 for the night treatment for Byte. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay at once, you can go for the various payment plans. For instance, you can pay a $349 down payment and $83 monthly for 29 months. 

For the at-night payment, you can pay a $449 down payment and $99 per month. 

Having a successful treatment and getting your smile back is one thing; maintaining it is another. The Byte package comes with retainers that help retain the smile after treatment. make sure to use some of the reliable retainer cleaners we also reviewed. You also get premium teeth whitening that works within a week. 

Byte Customer Friendliness  

As you start your treatment, it helps a lot when you assure the company that you will achieve the desired results. 

Byte strives to offer the best services before, during, and after the treatment. 

It is a customer-oriented company. Their customer support team is 100% US-based, and you can get on through many channels. You can reach out through social media and expect a response in 24 hours. Additionally, you can reach the support team by email or call them on the phone, available on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm pacific time. 

Additionally, the company offers comprehensive online resources. Thus, you can get answers to any question you have without many struggles. 

What’s more? Byte ensures that you have a personalized guide throughout the process. When you begin treatment, the company assigns you a Byte advisor who will be answering all your questions. The advisor will also be checking on you through emails throughout the treatment process. 

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Byte also offers a lifetime guarantee which assures you that your smile is forever. If an orthodontist evaluates your situation and considers you an unfit candidate for treatment, the company refunds the impression kit's cost. 

If the results you achieve after treatment don't satisfy you, they don’t usually refund you the cost. Alternatively, they are willing to work with you for free and try a different treatment plan and a designated doctor. 

If your teeth shift at any point after treatment, the company will send you a new set of aligners for free to help you regain your smile. This lifetime guarantee makes Byte stand out from all the other invisible aligner companies.

After treatment, Byte offers you retainers that help to retain your new beautiful smile. You are supposed to change the retainers twice a month as they are designed for six months. That means you may have to mark the calendar to remember the change date. 

Instead of ordering new retainers after every six months, you can finance your treatment through Bytepay. If you pay through Bytepay, the company adds the Smile Protection Program to your aligner bundle. The program automatically sends you new retainers every six months for five years. 

How Does byte Work? My Treatment, Step-by-Step

Byte offers one of the best clear aligners in the market. They use Hyperbyte technology to cut the treatment period in half.

When using Byte invisible aligners, you don’t need to visit the orthodontist. So, how do you work with Byte?

The first step involves taking an assessment on the company’s website to test if you qualify as a candidate for treatment. The review includes questions about the state of your mouth and the payment plan that you prefer. 

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You will be done with the survey within 30 seconds, and then you provide your email where you’ll receive the results. 

Whether you qualify as a candidate, some guidelines include being age 12 and above and having minor to moderate misalignment. 

Byte orthodontists also strive to find solutions to issues that are a challenge for other companies. 

For instance, other companies may find it a problem offering treatment during pregnancy. For Byte, treatment is possible during pregnancy, although the best option is to wait. If you have a dental implant, the orthodontists might try to move the teeth around it. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how my treatment occurred.

step 1

Ordered My Impression Kit

After filling out the online assessment, you can order your impression kit. The impression kit will arrive a few days later. The Byte impression kit includes:

  • A cheek stretcher
  •  Four molding trays (2 for the to and 2 for bottom)
  •  Eight pots of putty (4 white and four red)
  •  Gloves
  •  A guide

The guide includes instructions on mixing putty and examples of expressions that were taken correctly and incorrectly. When it comes to mixing putty, mix enough for a tray at a time because the material hardens quickly. 

Note, you only have two tries to take the impressions correctly both on top and bottom arches. Byte also offers “impression sessions” to help you during the process. They have made a step-by-step guide to make it easier for you to go through the process. 

You should return the kit after seven days to achieve the best results.

step 2

Created My Teeth Impressions and Image

After getting it right on the instructions, you then proceed to take photos of your mouth. The booklet contains tips on the best way to take the pictures. 

You can then upload the photos on your online Byte account.

A licensed orthodontist will receive the photos and use them to evaluate your situation.

step 3

Waited for Approval To Order My Aligners

After uploading the photos on your online Byte account, they are received by an orthodontist for an evaluation. The evaluation includes the severity of the situation to come up with the perfect treatment plan. 

You have to wait for the orthodontist's approval to order the invisible liners for teeth straightening. 

If the doctor approves your treatment, you will receive the results and then proceed to order the aligners. You get them after a few days of ordering. 

If the orthodontist doesn’t consider you a candidate for treatment, then you don’t lose your money, which you purchased the impressions. The company has a policy where you are refunded your money for the print if you don’t qualify as a candidate for treatment. 

As the team evaluates your situation, they don’t only concentrate on the impression to create an aligner profile. They use a technology known as “Smile Science” that assesses your teeth’ best placement concerning your face's features. 

Thus, your smile will be not only bright but also unique to your face. 

The Smile Science technology looks at the following features of your face:

  •  Smile arc
  •  Smile symmetry
  •  Occlusal frontal plane
  •  Lateral negative space (corners of the mouth)
  •  Upper lip curvature
  •  Lip line

Additionally, the company works with both arches. Therefore, you have to wear two aligners simultaneously, even if only one side needs fixing. This ensures the bite doesn’t shift out of alignment. 

Every patient has a unique treatment plan depending on their situation. You may read a different review online, or your friend can have different results. Some patients’ treatment plans may take longer than others. 

The bottom line is Byte offers the fastest treatment plan for all patients. 

If you want to achieve the best results, wear the aligners at all times, and resist the temptation to remove them. Every time you remove them, you allow your teeth to go back to their old ways. As such, you should have them at least 22 hours daily.

step 4

Ordered My Aligners

It will take a short time for the Byte team to approve whether you qualify for the use of aligners or not. When they approve you to continue with treatment, you should proceed to order your aligners. 

Your aligners will get to you within a short period, approximately four weeks. The package includes:

Custom aligners

The aligners are customized depending on your impression and your facial features. Therefore, they will help you achieve a perfect smile in all proportions. Thus, they are not for use by anybody else but you. 

The aligners are transparent and shiny, which makes them discreet. You can therefore wear them during the day without other people noticing it. 

Additionally, they have a medical-grade polymer film that makes them sturdy and fit for the task. If you are worried about stains, Byte invisible aligners are your perfect match. They are tear and stain-resistant, which helps you maintain a bright smile even during the treatment process. 

Each pair of the invisible aligners come labeled step 1, step 2, etc. they also come with your initials and the week numbers. You are supposed to wear each set for one week, making it easy for you to keep track of your treatment. 


Byte stands out from the rest for the specialized technology known as Hyperbyte. The technology makes treatment faster by using unique vibrations that ensure faster movement of each tooth. 

It helps to apply the necessary force on each tooth such that there is uniform movement. The technology also ensures order in the movement of the teeth. 


Your order of aligners also arrives with a bottle of BrightByte. This solution helps to whiten your teeth, disinfecting your aligners and freshens your breath. 

If you don’t maintain high oral hygiene standards, your aligners are at risk of attacks from bacteria infections. The bacteria may lead to tooth decay, which undoes the benefits of tooth alignment. 

As such, the BrightByte 3-in-1 solution comes in handy to maintain high dental health standards. 

BrightByte is a foam that you squirt into your aligners throughout the day, especially after eating. This helps in preventing cloudiness and keeps bacteria at bay. 

Most importantly, you should remove your aligners every time you want to eat or drink. It should be a seamless process that no one will even notice. You’ll walk to the bathroom and remove the aligners. When you are done eating, go back to the sink and thoroughly rinse the aligners with running water before having them back. The rinsing also helps in getting rid of the bacteria. 

Carrying case

Your customized aligners also come with a carrying case for flexibility purposes. A mirror and emery board also accompany the carrying case. 

As you go on with the treatment, you may want to check the progress from time to time. The carrying case helps you in carrying your mirror around and using it whenever you want. 

It is common to receive your Byte invisible aligners and experience some discomfort when you wear them. The discomfort may be from a sharp edge of the aligners touching your cheek or tongue. The emery board comes in handy when you want to resolve such an issue. 

Just like a nail file, the emery board has both the smooth and coarse side. You can use it to smoothen the sharp edges of the aligners that are causing the discomfort.

step 5

Followed My Aligner Treatment Plan

After receiving your order, you must review the contents to ensure you have everything you need to complete the treatment. The treatment plan from your orthodontist can help you in counter-checking if you have everything.
When you start your treatment, Byte also assigns you a Byte advisor to help you in the process. The advisor is available to deal with any issues you may have, including how to wear the aligners. The advisor will also access you by email from time to time, checking up on your progress.
Once you are sure you have everything, then you can open up the first set and have it on.

You have two options to choose from as you wear your aligners. First, you can go for the full-time option that requires you to wear your aligners continuously at least 22 hours a day. This option also includes 5 minutes a Hyperbyte that helps in faster movement of the teeth.

With the full-time option, each tray should last for a week. The full treatment should happen in about three months.

Alternatively, you can go for the nighttime option. With this option, you’ll have the aligner for ten hours every day. The treatment should take place two weeks at a time.

Unlike in full-time treatment where HyperByte happens for five minutes, the technology takes place in ten minutes for this option. The full treatment will take between four to six months.

A night time option is an excellent option for you if you are conscious of your image. Although the Byte invisible aligners are clear, they don’t look the same as natural teeth. They may also cover part of the gum. Thus, it is easy for a keen eye to note the use of aligners. This may make a conscious person uncomfortable around people. 
step 6

Order Extra Retainers

All teeth alignment results are not permanent, even when you use the best invisible aligners. The teeth can go back to their previous position if you don’t retain them.

As such, when you complete treatment, you should start wearing retainers. Byte offers your first set of retainers for free, and you wear them the same way you wore your aligners for the first two weeks. After that, you should have them all the time when you sleep.

You require to change them every six months, and each new set will cost you $99. 

What is it like to wear aligners? 

If you have ever used traditional braces or heard from a person who has used them, you know they can be painful. Don’t allow that to discourage you. 

With Byte straightening aligners, you will only experience some discomfort in the first days, and then you are done. Also, the HyperByte technology comes in handy in toning down the discomfort. 

Sometimes, an aligner can become loose before its due date. If that happens, don’t stop using it. Instead, continue wearing it in line with the treatment plan. The aligners are detailed and are designed to take into account such variables. 

Don’t move into the next stage of treatment without your orthodontist's approval, as it may lead to severe damages. 

If you lose your aligners, do not panic as it can happen to anyone. When that happens, use your previous aligners and then order for a new set immediately—getting the replacement will cost you about $99. 

If you are sick, you can continue using your aligners as long as you are not vomiting or severely sick. You should only remove them while eating or drinking anything else but water. 

Don’t use toothpaste when you want to clean the aligners. Cleaning them is as simple as rinsing in cold water and using a toothbrush to scrape the dirt. Use BrightByte to help keep away bacteria. 

If anything goes wrong, don’t hesitate to contact Byte’s support team is based in the US. Sometimes, the treatment plan may not go as planned. You should refer to your treatment plan to assess whether your teeth are where they are supposed to be at that stage. 

If the treatment is not going on as planned, it is uncommon to have a new starting point or get a new set of aligners. Your Byte advisor should be available at all times to deal with such issues. 

results after byte

How Long is The Treatment Process for Byte Clear Aligners? 

Other aligner companies offer treatment for about six months. However, Byte helps to cut down the time into half. Everybody wants to get done fast. Right?

Byte offers you 3 months braces to help you get done with the treatment fast.

HyperByte technology helps you to get faster treatment. As such, if you skip HyperByte, you’ll be adding extra time to your treatment process. 

HyperByte happens 5 minutes daily if you go for the full-time treatment option. If you go for the night-time option, it will take 10 minutes. The technology helps to apply some extra force on the teeth to enable faster movement. 

You shouldn’t expect severe pain during the treatment—the vibrations by HyperByte help to soothe the nerve endings, which lessens the discomfort. 

Is Home Aligner Treatment Safe? 

Home aligner treatment is safe, but it should be used with a lot of caution in truth. Before you can go ahead with home aligner treatment, ensure you get approval from an orthodontist. 

The aligners are not to be used for severe mouth conditions. They are used for mild conditions such as crowding and spacing. 

Before you can start at-home teeth straightening treatment, it would help if you ask yourself these questions? 

  •  Do I have access to a doctor if there is an emergency?
  •  Is my gum or teeth strong enough to support the aligners?
  •  Is the treatment plan based on scans of my teeth and the lower and upper jaws? Is the treatment based on X rays?
  •  Will a licensed orthodontist or dentist supervise the making of the aligners?

One aspect that is of concern in doing the treatment at home is the lack of specialization. What makes you think you can do it on your own? Even dentists who have gone through training appreciate their limitations and don’t hesitate to refer complicated cases to specialists. 

Furthermore, Orthodontists have to undergo special training in straightening and misalignment. 

Does Insurance Cover Byte’s Treatment?

Byte doesn’t accept payment directly from your insurance company. However, if you want to claim your insurance, the Byte team helps you prepare the necessary forms. 

If you are not sure if your insurance covers orthodontia, don’t fret. Just send the card details to the Byte team, and they will find out for you if you are covered. 

Also, Byte accepts payments from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HAS). 

You can get started with the impression kit that is 100% refundable if you don’t qualify as a candidate for treatment. 

byte me insurance


If you want to win back your confident smile, Byte will do it for you. According to Byte reviews, the company has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. This is an indication that its treatment plan works, and it is satisfactory. It is an excellent option when you are preparing for an upcoming event. It employs exclusive technologies that not only make the treatment the best but also fast. Unlike other companies, Byte’s treatment will take three months. 

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