Candid Reviews | Top-Notch Teeth Alignment With a Remote Progression Follow-up System

Freeing your packed schedule for frequent orthodontist visits, together with the exorbitant cost of traditional braces, might be some of the factors holding you back from straightening your teeth and getting a better smile. Luckily, Candid Co. delivers a seamless alternative to help you get over any second thoughts you might have before seeking treatment. We've put the service to the test, and here are the results of our Candid review! Moreover, if you want to explore other options, read our review of the best invisible braces out there.

Candid Reviews: Here's How it Works

Candid addresses many of the inconveniences that make traditional teeth straightening a tedious and expensive process. From the get-go, you have the option to embark on the entire journey from the comfort of your home, which means your busy schedule won't get in the way anymore. So, the question is, how does the service actually work?

For Candid to build a custom aligner that perfectly fits and corrects your teeth imperfections, they need data about what's going on inside your mouth. You can book an appointment to visit one of Candid's nationwide studios or order their starter kit and get started without leaving your home.

Some photos of your teeth are all that's needed for the talented team at Candid to get to work and help you get the perfect smile you deserve. Specialized orthodontists will review your data, and a personalized treatment plan is then put in place.

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This entire process won't come to fruition if the aligner itself doesn't live up to Candid's promises. I’ll get to the science behind how it works as we dive deeper into my review, but for now, it won't be an understatement to say that companies like Candid are starting a new era of teeth straightening.

Now, all you need to do is keep an eye on your mail for your Candid teeth straightening kit. You get a 3D-printed aligner together with some extras to make the remote monitoring process with your orthodontist possible.

Given that your aligners will be sitting there in your mouth for quite some time, it's fair to be concerned about their safety. Candid molds all its aligners from high-quality, BPA-free plastic to ensure you have nothing to worry about. In addition, check out how it stacks against another top-quality aligner in Smilelove reviews here.

Modeling, Treatment, and Post-Treatment

I’ve already touched on how the modeling process goes, so what's the best route to take; in-person visits or DIY impression kits? It all boils down to personal preference, but if you live near one of Candid's studios and have some time to visit during their specific business hours, I’d say go for it.

In just a couple of minutes, the team at Candid can put together a 3D model of your teeth using laser scanning technology and tell you whether you're eligible for treatment or not. Up to this point, the entire process is free, and you don't have to worry about hidden fees.

On the other hand, if you opt for the home modeling option, you'll have to order the impression kit and get ready to mix some putty on your own. I didn't have any problems with casting models of my teeth; however, taking the right photos was a bit of a challenge at first.

Every Candid starter kit comes with a cheek stretcher to help get a better view of your teeth, but for some reason, I couldn't take photos from just the right angle at first. Fortunately, Candid's customer support came to the rescue and helped me get the exact photos they needed. It's worth mentioning that if you end up being ineligible for Candid's aligners, you get your starter kit's money back.

It should then take 3-4 weeks before you receive your custom aligners, and it's a walk in the park from there. A specialized orthodontist will track your progress, and you'll shift to subsequent aligners down the line to further push your teeth to their final correct position.

Your experience with Candid won't just come to an end upon reaching the perfect teeth alignment. Candid ensures you keep the new position of your teeth with their post-treatment support. You'll get a custom-molded retainer to use overnight to ensure your teeth don't go rogue and stray back to a less than ideal position.

How Candid is Different

If I had to pick one term to describe how Candid sets itself apart from the competition, it would be flexibility. Starting from the modeling steps all the way to progress follow-up, you're free to set your own terms, thanks to Candid's teledentistry approach. However, if you are intrigued to find out more about other options check out our Byte review, or look into the Invisalign treatment here. Such a business model removes many of the extra fees you have to pay on seeking traditional braces. By cutting down on the cost of frequent clinic visits, you're getting a more affordable service. 

Furthermore, the flexibility is also evident in the variety of payment plans that Candid offer. You can just pay up-front or go for an initial down payment, followed by subsequent monthly fees.

This way, you’re more likely to find just the right payment option that clicks with your financial situation.

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It's also worth noting that Candid has a clear advantage in terms of the overall treatment span. It takes an average of 6 months to complete your Candid treatment course instead of 18-24 months with traditional braces. The difference is significant and makes the teeth straightening therapy more convenient and accessible to a broader population segment.

Another key difference that might go under the radar for many people is the expertise of the doctors following your case. Candid works exclusively with orthodontists, who are highly specialized in teeth alignment treatment. Though general dentists can do a good enough job, they won't be as qualified as someone who's fully dedicated to a specific sub-specialty.

Finally, Candid Co. contributes to a good cause that deserves rallying behind. The start-up donates $25 for each aligner kit it sells to support the folks at Smile Train, a charity aiming to deliver safe and effective treatment for children with cleft palate all over the world.

New Dental Monitoring Tech

When it comes to experimenting with new technologies, Candid is at the forefront of the companies investing in bringing new innovations to the teledentistry space. This is evident with its Dental Monitoring kit, dubbed the ScanBox.

This compact device is designed to connect to your smartphone to take photos and send them to your remote orthodontist directly. By having this mini scanner lying around at home, your orthodontist can get more frequent updates on your progress compared to what's possible with in-person clinic visits.

Your Dental Monitoring kit also ships with a cheek stretcher, similar to what’s found in the starter kit, to ensure you get ideal images with each scan. 

The images you upload are then fed into a smart AI algorithm that predicts your progress and helps your orthodontist tweak your treatment plan accordingly. This way, you can get up to 30% shorter treatment times and not have to keep your aligners on more than you need to.

That's not all; the AI algorithm also provides data concerning your oral hygiene, potential dental cavities, and gingival health. Discovering such issues at an early stage can save you the inconvenience of addressing such under-the-hood changes when they become more severe upon neglect.

Furthermore, the ScanBox technology allows for a new level of transparency throughout the entire teeth straightening journey. You get more detailed insight into your progress, translating into better compliance with the treatment plan.

The ScanBox also provides you with 3D digital models representing your teeth alignment at each given timestamp across your treatment span. By scrolling through these renders, you get a clear idea about how far you've come. If visualizing your real-time progress isn't enough motivation to stick to your aligners, we don't know what is!

Who Should get Aligners Through Candid?

It's astonishing how Candid is quickly expanding its scope and scale as time goes by. For now, the company offers services that deal with mild to moderate malalignment. 

It might be hard for some to know beforehand whether their case falls under a specific umbrella, so let's go through the most common conditions that Candid specializes in.

Crowded teeth is a self-explanatory condition! Some people have overlapping teeth, and Candid aligners can restore order and get each tooth to abide by its lane. 

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On the other end of the spectrum, some teeth might present with gaps, a condition called a diastema, and Candid aligners can bring them together and close these gaps.

Bite problems, namely over and underbite, are also supported. In such conditions, the upper and lower teeth are in disparity from one another. The clear Candid aligners can help resolve this situation to give you a more uniform bite.

Those are only some of the frequently encountered issues that Candid aims to treat. Even if your condition doesn't fit any of those descriptions, we still encourage you to go through Candid's primary assessment step and get an expert opinion about whether you're eligible or not.

Finally, given the rate by which Candid is striding forward and the fact that it's dedicating more of its resources to research, we can expect to see it tipping into severe malocclusion territory in the upcoming future. This can be game-changing, and we can't wait to see what impact it brings to orthodontic therapy.

Are you a Candidate?

Upon seeking Candid's services, you're asked to go through a short survey to assess your eligibility for the aligners. For instance, Candid isn't ready yet to deal with severe malalignment or spacing issues. So, if the grade of your teeth deformity goes beyond a specific cut-off point, the aligners won't be effective.

Furthermore, unless you're above the age of 16, you won't be a candidate for the aligners. It's a whole different story, though, if you happen to have replaced all your deciduous teeth. In this case, you're good to go regardless of your age.

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You also have to bear in mind that any underlying dental issues should first be attended to before reaching out to Candid for teeth straightening. 

We recommend visiting your dentist and having them look at your mouth for any cavities, decaying teeth, or gum-related problems. If you have any underlying issues, make sure you receive the appropriate care first, as your Candid aligner can wait a bit more until you're ready.

Besides the questionnaire, your teeth impression, and photos, or laser scans, you can also go in person to one of Candid's studios to determine whether Candid's clear aligners are the answer to your less than ideal smile or not.

Is Candid Treatment Covered by Insurance?

The insurance coverage varies significantly, according to your provider. Not all insurance policies include orthodontic therapy, especially among adults where it's sometimes considered a luxury. Speaking of adults, check out other top braces for them, we reviewed here

Though Candid isn't a direct participating provider in the medical insurance networks for FSA and HSA, the service still accepts these insurers. Bear in mind that you'll have to go through the extra step of filing a claim to your insurance provider, but the process is much simpler than it sounds.

Candid can take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, and once your claim is accepted, you’ll be reimbursed with 50% of the total treatment cost. So, you’ll be getting up to $1300 back, making the money you spend out-of-pocket even more manageable.

On the other hand, if the Anthem insurance group covers you, you're in luck, as you can get all the in-network benefits when getting a Candid aligner. You won't have to wait for your reimbursement claims to be reviewed before you get your money back, as Anthem allows you to save right away with them taking care of most of your teeth straightening expenses.

Insurance plans like Empire BlueCross, Anthem BlueShield, and Anthem BlueCross all play nicely with Candid. The entire payment process will be a breeze, allowing you to direct all your attention to what matters the most; maintaining regular communication with your orthodontist and tracking your progress.

Can you eat and Drink With Candid Aligners?

YES! I'll take this opportunity to highlight how smooth my experience with Candid's customer service has been. All the representatives I've encountered were friendly and knowledgeable, and they seemed to have an answer to all my questions, no matter how trivial they were.

Upon taking the aligner out of its case and into the real world, you start to come across situations where you're not sure how good it will fare. On top of this everyday activities list is eating and drinking. Here comes the role of Candid's customer support with their helpful insight.

Candid clear aligners are made of durable, stain-resistant plastic, and the company is very confident in its craftsmanship to the point that it permits you to eat and drink with the aligners on. 

To ensure you keep such a clear profile of your aligners for a long time to come, Candid recommends you rinse them in cold water after each meal. This way, bacteria won’t get the conditions it requires to colonize onto your teeth straightener. Also, make sure you brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligners back on.

On the beverages front, warm drinks should be fine. However, hot liquids are a bit challenging for your aligner to withstand. It's better to take it out of your mouth before drinking hot coffee or tea.

Furthermore, your Candid aligners come with a teeth-whitening foam. The active solution gradually sets up to whiten your teeth without causing any sensitivity seen with similar products. On using the peroxide-based whitener on a regular basis, you'll notice a brighter smile. 

How Long do the Candid Aligners Last?

According to your individualized treatment plan, you'll receive a set of aligners neatly tucked in a carry case with instructions on how to use them. The aligners you receive are meant to be used sequentially, getting you one step closer to your ultimate alignment with each set.

As a general rule, you won't find yourself using the same exact aligner for more than 6 months, which is Candid's recommended maximum timeframe for how long you'll need to stick to a given aligner.

With the ScanBox technology deeply integrated into your treatment plan, your orthodontists have the tools and data they need to further customize your treatment plan according to your progress. This means you won't have to keep a particular aligner on for more than you need to.

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There's also some variability in terms of how many hours you'll have to use your aligner each day. Generally speaking, you get about two aligner-free hours every day, so make sure you put them to the best use. This is when you can have your scolding hot cup of coffee and not worry about messing up your aligner set.

Furthermore, most plans try to ease you into getting used to this foreign body residing in its new home, being your mouth. Upon getting started, you might only be instructed to wear your aligners overnight before it becomes an all-day task in the later stages of your treatment plan.  

Finally, your aligner set comes with 2 chewies, which help obtain the perfect fit, especially early on when you still don't have a good sense of how to slip your Candid aligners on and off effortlessly.

Can you Play Musical Instruments, Exercise, and Kiss With Aligners?

Yes, you can attend to all your everyday life activities without ever being held back by your aligners. The fact that Candid delivers almost invisible teeth aligners makes them much less intrusive than traditional braces.

The good news is that such aligners will feel like an extension to your teeth. They form a transparent shell that encloses your teeth and retains a smooth surface with no annoying bumps or wires getting in the way. 

How do you Clean Candid Aligners?

When it comes to cleaning your aligners, the process is straightforward. All you need to do is rinse them in cold water for a couple of minutes. 

This should be enough to get them as shiny as a new set; however, if you feel like taking the cleaning process to the next level, you can gently scrub your Candid aligners using a soft toothbrush.

Bear in mind that mouthwash and hot water can damage your aligner set. So, don't ever soak them into such liquids thinking that you're doing them a favor and helping clean them even further. Cold water on its own does wonders, so just stick with that.

Candid Journey Before and After

As your teeth shift happens gradually over time, it might be hard to appreciate such changes right away. 

However, because you're constantly taking photos and scans of your mouth as part of your follow-up process, you can reach back to such data on day one and compare it to where you're currently standing. I can assure you, the differences are striking and you won't believe how far you've come.

The great thing about Candid is the community of satisfied customers that it's been readily building up with each year. You can find online forums for people sharing their experience with some before and after photos to get you motivated to do the same yourself.

look at these results
look at these results 1

Before trying Candid, I used to have those protruding canines that felt out of place and always kept me from letting my smile take the front stage. Now that I've embarked on this journey, I can say that I'm more confident and happy about how my teeth look today.

The truly astonishing part about the whole experience is that I never felt I had to keep too many annoying considerations in mind. I could get the superb care I need at any time and place, so I always felt in control of my schedule.

Also, the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible with their strain-resistant, smooth profile allowed me to attend to my regular everyday activities and quickly forget that they're even there.

Our Verdict

By the end of my Candid aligners review, I hope I've already answered any questions or inquiries you had about the company's teeth straightening options. Candid orthodontics brings new innovations to the table regarding how you're assessed for eligibility all the way to the top-notch remote progression follow-up system.

If you've been holding back on seeking teeth corrections, Candid lets you straighten your teeth at home, making the whole process as simple and straightforward as it should've always been. Order your teeth straightening kit today and get ready to rock the perfect Candid smile!

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