Smilelove Reviews | A Proper Teeth Alignment Treatment at the Right Price

If you’re someone like me who’s been holding back on seeking the proper teeth alignment treatment because of the associated inconvenience and expenses, Smilelove has the perfect solution to your problem. The startup aims to reinvent the wheel when it comes to orthodontic therapy with its signature invisible aligners. We’ve put the service to the test, and here’s what we’ve learned by the end of our Smilelove review! To compare it with other top treatments, check out these quality invisible braces and these efficient braces for adults.

Smilelove Reviews: Can it Correct my Condition?

Upon going through the forums and checking other users’ Smilelove before and after photos, I was intrigued to know whether the positive opinions were backed up by just the novelty and convenience factors, or the teeth aligners actually achieve what they promise to do?

The answer is both! However, what the invisible aligners reviews might not tell you is that Smilelove aligners are only specialized in dealing with a very specific subset of teeth misalignment issues. If you have mild to moderate degrees of teeth crowding or gaping, Smilelove will do its magic and help you get the smile you’re looking for by the end of your treatment.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some severe jaw misalignment issues, the aligners won’t be as effective. For example, Smilelove clear aligners aren’t designed to work with bite problems like overbite where the upper teeth are protruding too much, or underbite where the lower teeth take the front row and sit in front of their upper counterparts.

check out their kit

On your own, it might be tricky to specify the extent of your dental issues, so I still recommend you get an expert opinion and take on Smilelove’s primary assessment step to see whether you’re eligible or not.

Your teeth will be assessed by board-certified orthodontists to pinpoint your exact dental problems and start working accordingly. If you’re not a candidate for Smilelove aligners, you’ll still receive some recommendations on the best ways to proceed forward with your dental condition.

With that said, let’s track back a bit and answer our headline question, can Smilelove correct your condition? YES! If upon assessment, your treatment plan was green-lit and you received your aligner set, Smilelove guarantees you’ll notice a significant improvement to how your teeth look. Finally, if you are still not convinced, learn more about Byte aligners, look into our Candid review, or read our Invisalign aligners review.

How Does Smilelove Work?

Smilelove is among a handful of companies carving their way through uncharted territories with their remote dentistry business model. The premise is simple; you don’t have to commit hours and hours for reserving appointments and waiting in dentistry clinics to finally check with your orthodontist on where your braces situation is at.

You can take on the whole journey from the comfort of your home while having your progress assessed by the best orthodontists. That’s right; it’s a deliberate choice on my end to keep using this fancy specialized term instead of just saying dentists, as Smilelove works exclusively with experts who live and breathe orthodontic medicine. This ensures you’re getting the best dental care that you deserve. 

It all starts by ordering the Impression Kit, which comes with two sets of top and bottom trays. This leaves room for trial and error until you make the perfect mold for your teeth. For the same price, Smilelove competitors only offer one set, which puts some pressure on you to get everything right on the first trial. Luckily, this isn’t the case here. 

Your dental impression is then collected to be reviewed by our best-in-class orthodontists. Based on such data, they can put together a personalized plan that works just for you. You’ll be engaged throughout the whole process and have insight into how our orthodontists are planning to straighten your teeth.

With all the moving pieces now in place, Smilelove will then work on your 3D-printed aligners. On day one, you’ll receive a whole set that spans along with your entire treatment schedule. Every two weeks or so, you’ll be instructed to move to the next aligner, getting you a step closer to restoring order to your teeth.

It’s worth noting that all Smilelove aligners are made of clear, BPA-free plastic that is stain-resistant for a fresh, shiny look every day. It’s also completely safe, which is an understandable concern for many people, as they’ll be having their aligners sitting there in their mouth for quite some time.

Finally, Smilelove doesn’t have any physical locations where you can drop by and have your teeth scanned, so the only way to move forward is through the home Impression Kit. Some people wouldn't enjoy mixing putty and going through the frustration of getting less than ideal molds, but unfortunately, there isn’t any alternative to the little DIY project that you have to go through on your own.

This is mitigated, though, by Smilelove’s excellent customer support, who can ease you through the whole process. You can just jump into a video chat and have a knowledgeable Smilelove representative answering your questions and providing you with step-by-step help. 


To ensure its customers are getting the best quality aligners, Smilelove has partnered with Essix, a reputable dental supplier, to craft its products. Essix has been in the business since 2015 and steadily kept climbing the ranks of the most reliable manufacturers for dental supplies.

Besides the build quality, you want to see the real-life impact that Smilelove aligners have achieved without the glamorous advertisement meddling with your judgment. I have to admit this can be a bit hard to get by online since the company is still relatively new. Smilelove was established back in 2017, and they haven’t had enough time to build an established track record yet.

before and after

Nevertheless, the few reviews I came by encouraged me to embark on this journey, and I’m happy that I did. By the end of my treatment plan, I noticed a striking improvement to the position of my teeth, as the stray canines are now back in place. Such minor changes add up to deliver a huge overall noticeable difference in how you look.

I also appreciate that getting the perfect alignment isn’t the end of the line. Smilelove provides you with a free-of-charge custom retainer to keep your teeth in their new position. You don’t want to undo your treatment by just neglecting your teeth and letting them slowly creep back into their less than ideal position.

That’s not all; you also get premium whitening foam to add a shiny spark to your now straightened teeth. By just adding the whitener to your daily routine, you’ll quickly notice a brighter smile.


One of the main barriers to traditional braces and invisaligns is, of course, their steep pricing. Health insurance doesn’t usually cover orthodontic therapy, while dental insurance only covers a small fraction of the total cost, making matters even worse.

Here comes Smilelove with its goal to bring quality orthodontic therapy to more people. When the company first started, it used to offer impressive discounts to new customers, making its already affordable prices the cheapest on the market.

Right now, Smilelove isn’t as competitive with its prices as it used to be, but still, the company’s services are much cheaper than traditional braces. Though discounts aren’t as frequent as they once used to be, the company is still aiming to sweeten the deal for its customers. Smilelove includes its Impression Kit, post-treatment retainers, and premium whitener in its overall plan cost.

Furthermore, suppose upon ordering the Impression Kit, you end up being ineligible for Smilelove aligners. In that case, you get a complete refund, even if you've paid the full price for your entire treatment plan upfront. This builds up confidence between Smilelove and its customers, removing any second thoughts you might have before committing to the treatment.

the price of smile love

Also, Smilelove pledges for a full refund even if you prove to be a candidate, but you don’t like the projected results you can visualize on their custom-made, digital 3D models of your mouth. Here’s where the flexibility ends though, as the company doesn’t offer any refunds if you already received your aligners set and proceeded with your orthodontic therapy.

This is understandable; however, it’s still a bummer for folks looking for more refund options in case they didn’t like the therapy plan or had any inconveniences while using their new Smilelove aligners.

Bear in mind that Smilelove’s recent change in policies introduces an additional $300 fee for complex cases that require more than 40 different aligners to reach the aspired results. This wasn’t a thing back in the day when the company first started. Smilelove used to charge its customers the same fees regardless of how many aligners they needed.

Finally, Smilelove has recently introduced a new financing option with 0% APR to open up its services to a wider segment of potential customers. There is no credit check required, and you don’t need to present your credit score to qualify for this program. All that it takes is just a down payment of $250, and you can get started.

slogan of smile love


Given that you can go through your entire teeth straightening journey without ever leaving your home brings an unprecedented level of convenience to orthodontic therapy. Many people are held back from seeking treatment because of their jam-packed schedules that make committing to frequent orthodontic visits a pain.

Though you’re not seeing your doctor in person, the responsiveness of Smilelove’s customer service ensures you get timely support whenever and wherever you need it. The company offers plenty of ways by which you can reach out to its representatives and get your questions answered.

You get almost instantaneous response across Smilelove’s social media accounts, in addition to the option for video calls if you need more thorough support that is better attended to in video rather than in chat.

All of Smilelove’s representatives I’ve encountered are friendly and understanding. They showed genuine passion for actually helping me and making sure I’m satisfied with the service I’m receiving.

Furthermore, the overall treatment span is significantly less than what you get with traditional braces and invisalign. Braces can take an average of 18 months, while invisaligns can go for 12 months. 

This can be way too long for many people to get on board with; that’s why Smilelove made it a priority to cut down the treatment time as much as possible. With plans sitting at an average of 6 months, Smilelove puts its customers’ convenience front and center.

Finally, the aligner is molded in the form of a continuous shell with smooth surfaces. This way, you won’t have to worry about food sticking between the wires and bumps of your braces. 

You can also attend to your daily activities with no restraints, as the aligner tends to fade in the background and never feels like an intrusive contraption that gets in the way of your everyday life.


Speaking of how the teeth straighteners' design adds to their convenience and ease of use is the perfect segue for a more detailed dive into Smilelove aligners’ appearance.

They rock a translucent, shiny look rather than the frosted finish we see in similar brands like Candid. It’s difficult to give a definitive opinion about whether this design choice impacts the aligners’ visibility, as it all boils down to personal opinion. 

In some people’s eyes, the shiny look is too reflective and makes your teeth look unnatural. Others prefer the reflectiveness over the opaqueness of the frosted finish, so it’s your call at the end of the day.

Furthermore, Smilelove goes the extra mile to ensure their aligners fit just right at the gumline level to maintain their stealthy profile. Other competitors extend for a couple of millimeters beyond the gumline with their aligners, which might give them away more easily and they won’t be as concealed. 

However, some people argue that Smilelove aligners might lose some of their stability as they don’t anchor to the overlying gums for support. This is a valid discussion, and considering there are no clinic visits involved, you might not be able to tell whether your aligners are wobbling around and not keeping a firm grip over your teeth.

Though Smilelove claims that its transparent aligners are made of an anti-stain material, you don’t want to take any chances. Make sure you take them off before eating or drinking, and then brush and floss your teeth before putting them back on. This way, you ensure your aligners keep the same fresh look like the day you took them out of the case.

Aside from the nitpicking and the small details that I went through, I’d still take any transparent aligner over bulky, traditional braces with their striking brackets and wires.

Customer Friendliness

All the features that we’ve discussed so far add up to deliver a customer-friendly product. The low price barrier, transparent profile, and convenient orthodontic therapy from the comfort of your home are some of the main pillars upon which Smilelove prides itself.

Add quality customer support and flexible refund policies on top, and you get yourself an enticing package. It’s true that such features on their own aren’t ground-breaking by any means. However, the fact that Smilelove combines them all in a single comprehensive service that puts customers front and center is what makes it actually unique.

You don’t have to put your life on hold and find yourself struggling with a time and money-consuming system to get better-looking teeth. It’s been proven time and time again that once you streamline a once needlessly complex system, people will come on board, which is evident with Smilelove’s business model.

How Long Will it Take?

It isn’t surprising that your treatment span depends on the severity of your specific condition. Minor malalignment takes less time to correct than a moderate one, and you’ll have a general idea about how long you’ll have to commit to your aligners at the very beginning of your journey with Smilelove.

Since treatment plans are personalized, you can expect the number of aligners to differ from one patient to another. Also, some only receive top or bottom aligners, while others receive both. All these differences translate into variability in the timeframe that each patient receives with their very own treatment plan. 

Generally speaking, the average Smilelove treatment plan goes for 6 months. Expect this figure to shift up or down according to the interconnecting factors that I’ve mentioned above.

how long will it take

In order to get the best results, make sure to keep your aligners on for as long as possible every day. Smilelove recommends to use your aligners for around 22 hours on each given day and only take them off when it’s time to eat or drink hot beverages.

For the most part, you’ll switch to a new aligner every two weeks. Unless you receive any other different input from Smilelove, stick to the schedule prescribed with your orthodontic plan.

It’s worth highlighting that some people think they can speed up their treatment by skipping aligners. This is far from true and will actually hinder your progress. The science behind these aligners is to keep pushing your teeth to their correct position one step at a time. 

For one aligner to do its job properly, it should take off from where the last one has ended, and by skipping steps as you go through, you’re making the job of the subsequent aligners much more difficult. Needless to say, this also voids your warranty with Smilelove, as you’re not using the product as it was intended to be used.

Does Insurance Cover Smilelove's Treatment?

I’ve already touched on how insurance works with traditional braces and invisalign, and the situation is pretty much the same here with Smilelove aligners. If you only have general health insurance, you’re out of luck, as most providers regard transparent aligners as a cosmetic luxury.

On the other hand, if you have dedicated dental insurance, you might get partial coverage, which cuts down up to 50% of your total Smilelove cost. This isn’t the best deal out there, but still not the worse, as you won’t have to pay much out-of-pocket.

However, get ready to file an insurance claim through Smilelove, and wait for it to go through before you’re reimbursed. These extra steps are far from ideal, and I wished the system was less far around the edges, but I can’t complain much as at least Smilelove is still covered by insurance one way or another.

In order to speed up this entire process, make sure to reach out to your insurance provider and ask whether they cover code D8040 and D8030 for remote dentistry for adults and children, respectively.

Finally, we know for a matter of fact that you can pay for your new Smilelove aligners using your debit card that’s tied to your HSA or FSA accounts. Upon using this payment method, you might get a faster response to your reimbursement request.

Check if You're a Candidate

The moment you request to embark on Smilelove’s teeth straightening journey, you’ll be greeted by a brief questionnaire to review your expectations of the service and the reason why you choose to correct your teeth’s position now rather than later.

This way, Smilelove can have extra input to be considered when tailoring your individualized therapy. For example, someone who wants a better smile in their marriage photos has quite different expectations from another looking for self-improvement to benefit his career or social life in general.

Furthermore, you should be above the age of 15 years and have all your baby teeth replaced before seeking treatment through Smilelove. Because if not, there’s a chance that your current teeth position becomes better without any interference once your permanent teeth take over.

It’s worth noting that Smilelove might disregard the age factor if the candidates have already replaced all of their deciduous teeth. The survey will help sort out all the potential customers and allow Smilelove’s customer service to be more efficient in how they communicate with each specific segment.

smile love is better

Moving on, you’ll be presented with three different photos representing conditions like teeth crowding or gaping, with the third option being just minor tweaks. The diagrams are a very useful tool to help customers specify their condition and get the proper treatment accordingly.

Finally, the survey ends with two questions about whether you’ve worn braces or permanent retainers in the past. If you’re one of those people, Smilelove aligners won’t be the best option for you. 

Once you’re done with the questionnaire, you’ll be asked to type in your name and email, so Smilelove can reach back to you. All these questions are some extra tools to have a general idea about what we’re up against. 

Nevertheless, the definitive means by which Smilelove can determine whether you’re a candidate or not is the Impression Kit. As I’ve mentioned before, only mild and moderate conditions are supported, while severe misalignment is too much to handle for these transparent plastic aligners.

Is Smilelove Legit?

YES! Many people have already seen down to earth changes after their time with their Smilelove aligners, and I’m definitely one of those people. Transparent aligners do actually work; that’s why we see more and more companies entering this space.

Though Smilelove’s customer service is solid, I couldn’t help but want more support options. For example, competitors like Candid allow you to directly contact your treating orthodontists on a regular basis, so they can personally check your progress and adjust your plan on the fly to better suit your needs.

Smilelove just leans on its preset roadmap that you receive at the beginning of your treatment. Sure, you can reach out to the company whenever you face any hiccups along the way, but this is never the same as having regular online meetings with the orthodontist who’s actually in charge of your treatment plan.

before and after
before and afterr 1

Also, there aren’t any accurate ways to visualize where you’re standing at any given point of your treatment. Smilelove doesn’t have an answer to Candid’s ScanBox, which literally scans and takes photos of your teeth and sends such data to your doctor.

Though this shouldn’t be an issue in the future, I believe we have to bring it up. Given the state of the world right now, Smilelove has suspended many of its services. Some people reported that they had to wait way too long before they could get their hands on their aligners set.

Others report the poor responsiveness of Smilelove customer service right now. You should also bear in mind that any refund requests are suspended as well for the foreseeable future.

It’s understandable why many businesses are having a hard time right now. Still, we hoped Smilelove was more transparent with its customers and laid the situation as it’s, instead of giving room for speculations by not addressing any of the issues the company is facing for the time being.

We believe Smilelove will come out of this crisis as strong as it always has been and continues to innovate in the teledentistry space to help shape the future of orthodontic therapy.

Love Your New Smile!

By now, you have a solid idea about what Smilelove brings to the table. We’re witnessing a new era of orthodontic therapy centered around empowering people to attend to their regular everyday life activities while getting a non-intrusive, effective treatment at the same time.

The fact that in-person clinic visits are no longer a must means that people, who otherwise won’t have the time to regularly check in with their orthodontists, can now get the proper care they deserve with zero compromises at any time and from anywhere.

Your journey with Smilelove won’t just come to an end upon removing your final aligner, as the company delivers enticing post-treatment support to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with what you get.

Along its quest to crack the code for what makes a perfect smile, Smilelove came to the conclusion that straight, properly aligned teeth are only one half of the story. The other half falls into how bright your teeth are; that’s why you get a premium whitener upon the completion of your treatment to give a shiny new look to your teeth.

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